• Here are the 700 friends who have attended us in Verona Motor Bike Expo 2017, where we have taken this photo set in collaboration with the LCR team. Everyone could have their picture taken, for free, on the # 35 Cal Crutchlow’s Honda RCV213 MotoGP. We look forward to the upcoming events!
    Motor Bike Expo 2017 - GIVI & LCR Team - shooting area
  • The big rider of MotoGP Cal Crutchlow visit the GIVI headquarters and the GIVI Point Visenzi Motomarket
    LCR Team with Cal Crutchlow in GIVI
  • GIVI convoy for the malaysian MotoGP in Sepang 2014
    GIVI Sepang 2014
  • Inauguration GIVI Point and store renovated with Jack Miller #43 and Lucio Cecchinello's CWM_LCR Honda team. A great opening with music, motorbike and friends
    G.Visenzi Motomarket & Team CWM_LCR Honda MotoGP